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Crafting Bespoke Clothing for Clients throughout the UK

Each piece of clothing is an original design created by our designer and founder! Our collection targets the mainstream consumer who has a passion for high-quality, up-market apparel, with timeless styles which make you stand out from the rest, yet which have universal appeal. Shop for quality handmade clothing that’s made-to-measure by order from our designs. If you are not pleased with the fit, we will alter or replace it.

Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke Women’s Fashion

Explore the selection of modern and elegant women’s fashion from Novelette Novalis in London. You will love the style, fit, and comfortable feel of our bespoke couture. All materials we use are of the highest quality, from the brocade to the chiffon, to the silk we sew into our scarves.

Bespoke Women’s Fashion

Professional Wear

Anything you want, we can make for you! Our selection is for professionals who enjoy high-quality clothing. Different sizes are available, and our most popular items are our dresses and skirts, especially our summer skirts.

Distinctive Designs

Designs change quite often and new ideas are brewing constantly. Each product is reworked to incorporate any new changes that need to be made. You’ll find unique designs you won't be able to get anywhere else.

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